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Why Redmorph?
Your Android smartphone is powerful but very dangerous!

Abuse of User Trust

Apps and websites invite hundreds of 3rd parties to track users like you, steal your data and expose you to potential malicious threats.

Serious Consequences

Your privacy and security can be severly compromised with serious near and long term personal, career and financial consequences.

Redmorph Solution

Redmorph helps you visualize all that’s going on in the background and gives you comprehensive control over internet privacy and security.
Apps, websites and unknown 3rd parties can access everything on your device
Why it matters?
Potential consequences to Users

User Manipulation

  • Biased search results & unfair pricing
  • Skewed or untrue news and social content

Secretive Screenings & Unfair Rejections

  • Employers and universities
  • Insurance and loans

Ongoing Surveillance

  • Credit monitoring and rating agencies
  • Data brokers, government & legal authorities

Cyber Espionage (Companies & Governments)

  • Foreign and rogue entities
  • Proprietary and confidential info

Malicious Apps

  • Password patterns and Logins hacked
  • Identity theft and stealing user data

Ransom Threats

  • Access to user data
  • Access to user device

Real-time User Surveillance

  • Location
  • Mic or camera

Illegal Participant in Cyber Warfare

  • Infected apps can be a part of cyber attacks
  • Your phone can be part of a larger global warfare
The Redmorph comprehensive Privacy & Security protection

Complete Awareness

Visualize complete network background activity behind apps in real-time.

App Gatekeeper & Permissions Suite

Behavioral and Predictive analysis to identify and block suspicious or malicious apps.

Sentinel Anti-phishing Malware Protection

Proactively protects against all phishing malware, ransomware, adware, trojans, and other unwanted background activity behind apps.

Intelligent Secure Firewall

Monitor and block all non-essential incoming and outgoing internet connections behind Apps and websites.

GeoIP Detection

View your device and app background network connections and countries they are communicating with.

Recon Crawlers and Daily updates

Daily tracker and app definitions updates to ensure the latest protection.
Redmorph offers the only comprehensive solution for your Android Smartphone to get proactive control over both privacy and security issues.
In addition to your 'peace of mind', the blocking of non-essential background activity and network connection results in significant data usage savings and improved device performance in most devices.
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Mobile Browser Protection
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The Redmorph Promise
Redmorph will be your trusted partner for privacy & security in your internet experience:
  • We don’t track you.
  • We don’t collect your information.
  • We don’t sellout to advertisers or data brokers.
  • We do provide you the most comprehensive and effective online privacy & security protection available.