You Are Being Tracked More Extensively Than You Ever Imagined

- Video : courtesy of NPR

Ways You are Paying
To Be Tracked
Up to 70% of the HTTP connections your computer makes are used to track your activity – they have nothing to do with page content!
How Your Browsing Habits Are Being Used Against You
Your browsing habits could be purchased by the likes of employers, insurance agencies, and credit score companies. Your recent browsing history may affect your next job application or insurance premium!
Why "Private" or "Incognito" Browsing is Not Private
These modes may stop cookies and history from being stored locally, but they don't protect against the many sophisticated tracking technologies most websites use.

The Only Integrated Solution That Allows You To:

Visualize & Block Trackers, Cookies, and 3rd Party Content + Encrypt Your Data + Filter & Block Innapropriate Content

You don't need to download a handful of extensions or subscribe to multiple services to get comprehensive privacy protection. The solution consists of a browser extension, called the RedMorph Browser Controller, and lightweight native apps for your laptop, desktop or mobile devices.

  • Block Trackers & Content

    Visualize and prevent websites from downloading unnecessary cookies, trackers, & 3rd party content.

  • Make Me Invisible

    Prevent websites from identifying you. Search anonymously and prevent your internet, mobile or Wi-Fi service provider from tracking your data.

  • Website & Word Filters

    Block undesirable websites and filter inappropriate content. Protect children with flexible parental controls.

The SpyderWeb

Slide the arrows to see the SpyderWeb at work!

Oh what a tangled web they weave...

Our advanced SpyderWeb technology allows you to see, identify & control who is tracking you from website to website. The SyderWeb is interactive: you can zoom in & out, drag elements around to examine connections, click on an element to see details, and allow or block specific 3rd party sites or trackers. If you see a suspicious looking tracker that isn't blocked, use the “Report” button to let us know!

See How It Works

A commodity is something that can be bought and sold.
When did your identity become a commodity?

Our Commitments

We won’t track, record, store or monitor your web browsing or personal information.

We won't treat you as a commodity by sharing or selling your information.

We won’t partner with 3rd parties or data analytic companies who gather & sell your information.

We will be truthful and transparent with our policies.

We will strive to educate & raise awareness about Internet issues.

We will create and improve Internet control, protection & privacy services to help all of humanity.

Our Policies

Our privacy policy in one sentence: We won't collect or share your personal and sensitive information.