About Us
Redmorph protects your privacy
Redmorph’s mission is to realize all the benefits of the internet, without surrendering our rights to privacy and opening ourselves to the cyber security threats. Data has become the pervasive currency of the Internet. This has caused many Internet companies, Apps and Websites to adopt highly intrusive and sophisticated surveillance technologies that relentlessly track your online activities 24/7, making your private data their business. We think it’s terribly creepy!

We’re passionate about protecting what's most precious to you - your Privacy! Our goal is to help raise awareness and provide simple automated solutions to consumers, homes and enterprises. We are here to start a revolution of Privacy, Security and Control on the Internet for everyone!

Our Values


We believe the "online you" is just as important as the "physical you". Just like you would not like to be followed during your next hotel stay, you should be entitled to the same control, protection & privacy when you are online.


Our goal is to educate the mainstream Internet user about the realities of online tracking. Your privacy is precious and you have a right to know how it's being invaded and how to protect yourself online.


With the knowledge of what goes on behind the webpage and on the internet, you really don't have a choice as to whether or not you'd like to be tracked. Our mission is to give you that choice.