Privacy Personalized

Own your privacy and enjoy a powerful new browsing experience.

Ad-Free Browsing

Stop targeted ads by blocking the tracking mechanisms that follow you on your device and browser and display annoying ads.

Faster Loading Speeds

Remove unwanted 3rd parties from loading on your webpage and device to increase browsing speed.

See Who's Watching You

Visualize all trackers attempting to connect to your device with the advanced SpyderWeb™ technology. Stop them dead in their tracks.

Save Data & Battery

Eliminate unnecessary data loading improving CPU performance, longer battery life, and lower data costs.

How It Works

Without protection your personal information is vulnerable.


Your device sends out a signal with your web request.

Web Trackers

3rd party trackers that are attached to websites are sent back to your device along with your requested content.

Unsecured Connection

Hackers and spying governments and ISPs access your connection and collect your information.


Everything you do online is tracked and linked your unique IP, then sold to advertisers, banks, credit agencies etc.

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The Only Intelligent Tracker Blocker

No other tracker blocker incorporates these intelligent features to bring you a comprehensive solution that works to protect your privacy on the internet.

Active Cookie Blocking

Cookies can be used to identify you and track your browsing habits across multiple websites.
If not properly deleted, they can persist for multiple years!

Other blockers allow cookies for usability reasons. Our intelligent algorithms allow you to keep your usuability while still blocking unwanted cookies.

Context-based Tracker Blocking

In contrast to list-based blocking which is used by all the major blockers, we incorporate Context-Based blocking.

This determines what to block based on the context of the website you are currently visiting which saves on time and memory.

Visualization Graph

Our SpyderWebTM graph allows you to see exactly who is tracking you across the web and stop them in their tracks with a simple click.

You'll be astonsihed to learn just how much tracking goes on under your nose. You'll be able to visualize and block these trackers as you see fit.

Customizable Settings

Customize your blocking rules with our easy to use cusomization and settings panel!

Everyone's needs are a little different. Adjust your privacy level, browsing quality, and data and battery savings, according to your own!

No Whitelisting

Some ad-blockers let certain ads through the cracks because of whitelisting. We will never whitelist companies for money. Period.

Our mission is to give you the power to take back control of your personal data on the Internet and to not allow you to be commoditized by ad-networks. Whitelisting goes against the very nature of our purpose and we have no intention of participating in it.

Active POST Request Blocking

POST requests are what websites use to call home. Only about 10% of sent POST requests are required for the website to function, the rest can be blocked saving much needed processing time. Our algorithms know which to block and which to let through.

Our advanced SpyderWeb technology allows you to see, identify & control who is tracking you from website to website. The SyderWeb is interactive: you can zoom in & out, drag elements around to examine connections, click on an element to see details, and allow or block specific 3rd party sites or trackers. If you see a suspicious looking tracker that isn't blocked, use the “Report” button to let us know!

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